The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has served as the leading voice for architecture professionals since its founding in 1857 and continues to be the most prominent membership organization for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners. With the national association based in Washington, DC, the AIA is also able to meet the needs of its members at the state and local level via nearly 300 chapters both domestically and abroad. The mission of AIA is to serve as a resource for its members, allied professionals, and the general public through advocacy, community, education, and outreach.

The AIA has Chapters in every State, and the California Central Coast Chapter, founded in 1979, is a thriving and growing group of Architects, Associates and Professional Affiliates. The Chapter meets for monthly networking and resource sharing meetings.

AIA_about_sloThe AIA CCC is located in San Luis Obispo the geographic and figurative heart of California. Here, tree lined vistas and expansive rolling hills set a rich backdrop for unique architectural creations.

There are many benefits to using an AIA Architect or affiliate. To browse a directory of our local AIACCC Affiliate professionals click here:.

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The American Institute of Architects California Central Coast Chapter and its members are committed to full compliance with all laws and regulations, and to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our operations and activities. Our commitment includes strict compliance with federal and state antitrust laws, which are designed to protect this country’s free competitive economy.