Company NameMember's NameTelephone
3 C engineering Kelly Robinson, Brian Starrett 805-540-3363
Air Vol Block, Inc. Erik Geil 805-543-1314
ASAP Reprographics Roger R. Marlin 805-543-3144
Atascadero Glass, Inc. Kellie Wenzel 805-466-2644
Bosch Design Lab Lesley Bosch 209-762-2629
Central Coast Green Building Council Administration
City of San Luis Obispo Ms. Anne Schneider, Assoc. AIA (805)781-7572
CRS West, Inc., DBA Coastal Reprographic Services Tony Westbrook 805-543-5247
Elon, Inc. dba Schafer Construction Erich Schaefer 805-235-0545
FTF Engineering Ms. Jillian van Enckevort 805-544-1216
Hayward Building Systems Chuck Larson 805-543-0825
Home Builder's Association Jeff Eckles 805-546-0418
Michel Kalin Structural Engineering Michel E. Kalin 805-540-8494
Murphy Consulting Engineers Chris Murphy 805-748-3693
NK Builders Tim Tillman 805-544-4457
Oasis Associates Carol Florence 805-541-4509
Praxis Consolidated International, Inc. Mellissa Hazlett (805) 489-9900
Sage Landscape Todd Davidson 805-574-0777
Semmes & Company Builders Inc. Jessica Steely 805-466-6737x206
Simply Clear Marketing and Media Jessica Micklus 805-772-4600
Smith Structural Group Lee S. Engelmeier 805-439-2110
Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers Michelle M. McCovey-Good 805-547-2000x116
The Main Company, Inc. Charlie Main 805-541-8746
Thoma Electric William Thoma 805-543-3850