Company NameMember's NameTelephone
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Ms. Kristin E. Akin-Zimmerman, AIA (805)712-0464
Brockitecture Mr. Ryan M. Brockett, AIA (805)801-1232
MS|Architecture Mr. Micah D. Smith, AIA 805-242-6022
CRSA Architecture Mr. Craig Robert Smith, AIA (805)544-3380
Ravatt Albrecht & Associates Inc Michelle R. Stokes, AIA 805-928-5002
California Polytechnic State University Ms. Christine Theodoropoulos, AIA (805)459-0803
BFGC-IBI Group Architecture Planning Mr. William R. Tuculet, AIA (805)546-0433
Mode Associates Ms. Stacey L. White, AIA (805)762-4030
Wilkins Studio Architects Ms. Karen Wilkins, AIA (805)305-8705
Deborah J Woodle, Architect Ms. Deborah Jones Woodle, AIA (805)434-0687
Cal Poly Mr. Curtis J. McNally, AIA (805)709-5522
Ravatt, Albrecht & Associates Mr. Larry E. Mitchell, AIA (805) 550-1650
Mr. Victor Montgomery, AIA (805)543-1794
Vanir Construction Management, Inc. Mr. Robert B. Nash, AIA (805)238-6217
Nina Nazarov, Architect Ms. Nina Nazarov, AIA (650)888-8933
Cal Poly - Architecture CAED Ms. Clare J. Olsen, AIA (310)699-6008
In Balance Green Consulting Ms. Andrea R. Pease, AIA, LEED AP (805)235-6355
dsk Architects Mr. George Pudlo, AIA (805)549-9436
Ravatt Albrecht & Associates Inc Gregory Allen Ravatt, AIA (805)461-4121
Rea & Luker Architects, Inc. Mr. Randolph L. Rea, AIA (805)546-9043
Jennifer Rennick Architecture and Consulting Ms. Jennifer Rennick, AIA (805) 423-8359
Robert Richmond Company Mr. Robert G. Richmond, AIA (805)704-5830
S Squared Architecture Mr. Jeff Schneidereit, AIA
Fraser Seiple Architects Mr. Frank M. Seiple, AIA (805)544-6161
Sherman Rentals LLC Mr. Randall C. Sherman, AIA 805-423-5858
California Polytechnic State University Mrs. Jennifer A. Shields, AIA (518)605-7046
Silvaggio Construction Joseph L. Silvaggio, AIA (805)544-3415
PMSM Architects Mrs. Amanda M. Donecho, AIA (805)464-1597
TEN OVER STUDIO INC Mr. Jim Duffy, AIA 805.541.1010
California Polytechnic State University Mr. Thomas Fowler IV, AIA (805)471-8185
Fraser Seiple Architects Bruce D. Fraser, AIA (805)544-6161
Studio 2G Architects Mrs. Heidi K. Gibson, AIA (805)234-3171
Andrew Goodwin Designs Mr. Andrew Goodwin, AIA (805)439-1611
Studio 2G Architects Mrs. Laura T. Gough, AIA (805)594-0771
RRM Design Group Leonard J. Grant, AIA (805)543-1794 (268)
Codes and Permits Mr. Stephen P. Hicks, AIA (805)440-8820
Isaman design, Inc. Mr. William D. Isaman, AIA
clinton m iwanicha architect inc Mr. Clinton M. Iwanicha, AIA (805)254-4051
DOMU Architects Ms. Laura Joines, AIA (805)878-6663
Fraser Seiple Architects Mr. Donald Love Jr., AIA (209)535-1907
Rea & Luker Architects, Inc. Lauren L. Luker, AIA (805)541-6294
County of San Luis Obispo Mrs. Margaret Mayfield, AIA (805)602-0205
A. James Aagaard, AIA 805466-5861
Garcia Architecture & Design Mr. Chris W. Allen, AIA (805)286-5186
Vanir Construction Management, Inc. Kimberly Anton-Bobic, AIA (805)541-1425
Cal Poly - Architecture CAED Mr. Robert M. Arens, AIA (805)756-1444
Barasch Architects & Associates, Inc. Mr. Stephen B. Barasch, AIA (805)544-2600
Richard Beller Architect Mr. Richard G. Beller, AIA (805)541-5741
Michael T. Boudreau, Architect Mr. Michael T. Boudreau, AIA (805)549-0400
Paragon Architects Thomas G. Brajkovich, AIA (805)235-8866
Julie Clayton Architect Ms. Julie Clayton, AIA (805)400-0012
Courtney Architects Mr. Thomas M. Courtney, AIA (805)541-3150
Charles Crotser Architect, AIA Mr. Charles E. Crotser, AIA (805)471-5967
Dettmer Architecture Mr. Randolph C. Dettmer, AIA (805)544-0308
M:OME Mr. Thomas L. di Santo, AIA (805)234-1727
Office of Jeff Dillon AIA Mr. Jeffrey L. Dillon, AIA (805)748-6552