Response to AIA’s CEO’s Statement on President-elect Trump

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In November 26, 2016
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In the wake of an historic week, I feel it is necessary to call our members to be united, vigilant, and ever so supportive of our profession and the world of design and construction. The past few days have been contentious due to a statement issued on November 9, 2016 from the AIA National CEO, Robert Ivy, FAIA. In this statement, our CEO commented that “the AIA and its 89,000 members are committed to working with President-elect Trump to address the issues our country faces, particularly the nation’s aging infrastructure.” Ivy went on to say “we stand ready to work with [President-elect Trump] and with the incoming 115th Congress to ensure that investments in schools, hospitals, and other public infrastructure continue to be a major priority.” This brief statement came as a shock to many members, including myself, as a missed opportunity to express political advocacy on behalf of the AIA in order to support the organization’s national strategic plan and code of ethics. Of those strategic initiatives and ethical codes, the emphasis of promoting environmental sustainability, embracing a spirit of diversity and inclusion, supporting the universal civil rights of all persons, and serving the public interest could have and should have been included in the statement from our CEO. These, after all, will be some of the items our National AIA can advocate for during the President-elect’s term in office.

I urge you all to remember and fight for the ideals that our organization has held dear. No matter how the media spins a comment from our AIA National CEO, we must hold true to our individual and local values that have made the AIA CCC strong over the past many decades. We produce the best and the brightest from this stage on the Central Coast, and we harvest an energy that even our state chapter has recognized as tenacious and encouraging. Our mission as the AIA CCC remains as “dedicated to supporting our membership by being advocates for our profession, advancing our value to the public by demonstrating leadership in our community, by creating opportunities for engagement and collaboration, fostering innovation, cultivating the future of the profession and embracing a culture of architectural excellence.” Our values remain focused on environmental stewardship and delivering architecture in service to our community. President-elect Trump may or may not have been your candidate. Regardless, we must continue our advocacy for those important principles as we would have with any president-elect. The time is now, and as the National AIA advertises on their website, “the role of architects has never been greater.” We must embrace these dramatic changes and strive to exemplify the leadership we envision for our county, our state, and our nation.

Thank you for your continued support and renewed determination.

Andrew Goodwin, AIA | AIA CCC President

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