The American Institute of Central Coast supports education through scholarship.

Arts Grant for Schools.

In support of art in the classroom, the AIACCC offers up to $2,500 in grant money per year for use at public schools in the County of San Luis Obispo. The grant funds are awarded to teachers for use in their classrooms to support artistic projects that deepen student understanding and appreciation of Architecture and its relationship to the Fine Arts.

The Art Grant for Schools award is historically funded through the voluntary efforts by the board to present the AIACCC Home Tour, Design Awards, and via dei Colori SLO Sidewalk Chalk Festival.

You can support the Arts Grant for Schools right now by donating directly to our tax deductable fund at the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo County

Your endowment will be administered by the Community Foundation in perpetuity and will greatly benefit Arts Eductation at local public schools for generations to come.

Teachers, click here for a copy of our Arts Grant for Schools application. Applications are due in July and December. Please contact our current Scholarship Director for more information.

Congratulations to our most recent Scholarship winner, Jessica “Jake” Rideout, Cayucos School STEAM and Media TOSA. See the kind and heartwarming Thank You note from the teacher and her students below!

Thank You from Cayucos School

Contact our AIACCC Scholarship Director by email at for more information.